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Below a selection of forex educators in your region. We checked them out and recommend their trading courses.
Forex Masters

We have been involved in the training of hundreds of people since 2004. Our forex training is highly rated and we attract clients from different parts of the world.

Rob Tovell

I made his first trade at the age of 15 – 5 ounces of silver I bought from a bank ! From that moment a life long love affair with the markets was born. Until recently, I held a series 3 designation and was registered with the National Futures Association in the United States as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor). Today I design trading systems and tools such as the Fire Lines as well as financial consulting and research.

Forex Academy

We offer the lowest cost, and at the same time the most comprehensive, Forex training in South Africa. We are the only Forex training company that offers 3 month day and after hours training for those people who are serious about making a career out of Forex trading. Short term training in the form of day classes have a low success rate. In our 3 months courses we achieve a success rate of around 80%. Our training carries a guarantee of profitability if you apply what we teach correctly. The only company that dares to do this.

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